Why CLAUpartners?

“your trusted consultants and advisors”

CLAUpartners is an independent consultant, with extensive knowledge of the port and shipping industry, and ample experience in developing and managing public-private partnership projects, infrastructure projects, ports and inland terminals, and mergers & acquisitions.

Transparency, reliability, agility, professionalism and flexibility are our key characteristics for success.

gestion estrategia

Strategic Management

CLAUpartners assists its clients in their search for and development of new projects, through participating in their internationalisation strategies and their positioning in new markets, in their risk analysis, feasibility and viability studies, market studies and mergers & acquisitions processes.

consultoria de negocios

Business Consulting

The CLAUpartners team has extensive international experience in the ports & shipping sector, project implementation, project management, operations supervision and general management. In addition, it has successfully participated in numerous reengineering projects, simulations, analysis of port and inland operations, process improvement and optimization of resource allocations.

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CLAUpartners has successfully participated in the sale and purchase of terminals, maritime operators and companies related to the maritime sector such as freight forwarders, contributing its knowledge in the valuation of companies and due diligence processes.

area servicios tecnicos

Technical services

CLAUpartners has extensive experience in offering terminal support services, acting as an outsourced technical and strategic department. CLAUpartners offers you technical consulting services on a constants basis, in the day-to-day running of your business and giving you support in those areas where you lack according to your specific or on-going needs.

Our Experts

Mike Dekker

Internationalization, business development, PPP

Xavier Gonzalez

Port infrastructure, project management, industrial organization