About CLAUpartners

CLAUpartners, based in Barcelona, Spain, is the result of the coming together of a group of professionals from the ports & shipping sector, enthusiastic about being able to realize projects in an experienced and competent way.

With more than 75 years of accumulated experience in the sector, we decided to join forces to offer our customers comprehensive solutions, with a broad vision of all aspects of the business and responding in the best way to the needs of authorities, investors and operators.

Our services are specialized in the port & shipping sector, infrastructure development, merger & acquisitions, and in comprehensive project implementation.


Many years of working in an international environment has enabled CLAUpartners to specialize itself in project development in emerging countries and especially in Latin America. Language, knowledge of its culture and its idiosyncrasy have made Latin America a natural market for us.

We work in alignment with our clients in the development of their strategies, guaranteeing excellent tailored solutions.

To achieve success in each project where we participate, CLAUpartners believes that there are a number of key (“CLAU” means key in Catalan) elements on which we base our work. These are:


How can we help you?

CLAUpartners can help you by applying the experience our team has acquired as international port terminal investors and operators.

As consultants, we can advise you on business consolidation strategies, optimizing your resources to the maximum, or developing new projects, extensions or expansion plans. The latter for example, through the acquisition of companies or via the search, selection and promotion of new projects.

In the ports and shipping industry, the CLAUpartners team has extensive experience in creating an international portfolio of port facilities of different types: container terminals, general cargo terminals, bulk cargo terminals and intermodal terminals, among others.

In terms of size, CLAUpartners has experience in the promotion and development of terminals of different magnitudes, from small and medium-sized facilities to large facilities such as container terminals with a capacity of 2 million TEU / year.

In relation to port operations, CLAUpartners team members have a great knowledge in the application different types of equipment such as straddle carrier, RTG, RMG, Reachstacker, FLT and even AGV and ASC automatic systems.

CLAUpartners makes available all its experience for the customization of each project and for the optimization of the resources available throughout the entire project or business life cycle. Its range of activities can be applied from its origin, through its possible extensions, to its divestment by sale or at the end of the concession period.

Over 75 years of accumulated experience in the sector, with projects carried out on five continents, especially in emerging countries, demonstrate our in-depth knowledge and proven experience, that we are able to offer to clients as diverse as private investors, Investment funds, port operators and public administration, among others.

Why CLAUpartners?

"your trusted consultants and advisors"

Excellent approach

We want to share with our clients our extensive international experience in all phases of a project, from the feasibility and viability study, market study, definition and design of the facilities, to the negotiation, contracting and implementation management.

We will work together to find innovative and creative solutions that will increase the value of your projects.

Recognized experience

The privilege of having acted as investors and port operators at the same time in various projects, endorses us with a high level of experience in customizing and optimizing the resources of the projects we undertake.

Our expertise allows us to apply the best praxis in defining investment, operating and management models, improving the use of resources throughout the project or business life cycle, from the original idea until its divestment or end of the concession period.

Our knowledge covers all types of cargo and terminals, with a special emphasis on containers.


As independent consultants, we guarantee professional support during the entire process of business development, project execution and implantation, and operational management.

Our team is made up of specialists with extensive international experience in the ports and shipping industry.

International network

In order to guarantee integrated solutions for our clients, we collaborate with a global network of highly specialized experts.

Value propositions

We want to collaborate with our clients to increase their value, defining and offering innovative and efficient solutions based on our strategic vision as operators and investors at the same time.