Spanish container trade data for October 2020 up again

Recent data from Puertos del Estado for October 2020 show that the number of containers imported or exported to or from Spanish ports plus the container traffic between Spanish ports (cabotage) went up again.

Traffic in October increased by 2.8%% when compared to September but was almost 11% lower when compared to October last year. The total traffic for 2020 is still 4.5% below that for the same period in 2019.

When we have a look at the major ports: Algeciras, Barcelona, and Valencia, we observe that Algeciras improved its Month-on-Month performance for transhipment (+2.4%) which compensates for the loss of international and local traffic (-13.9%), Barcelona handled again more transhipment (+32.8%) as well as saw its import, export and cabotage traffic improve (+9.9%), and Valencia experienced its best month ever with a monthly volume that increased by 6.5%.

Source: Data from Puertos del Estado elaborated by CLAUpartners consulting

Container import, export and cabotage volumes for Spain reached 640 thousand TEU in October, which is like the volumes for January and February.

When we compare the COVID-19 crisis with the financial crisis that started in September 2008, we see a much stronger recovery today than happened then, as illustrated by the following graph with the index for import, export and cabotage traffic for all Spanish ports, setting the index of the volume handled at the start of the periodat 100.

Source: Data from Puertos del Estado elaborated by CLAUpartners consulting

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